The Velothon Wales 2015 Short Route

Just because there isn't a short route in the 2016 Velothon Wales, it doesn't mean that you can't still ride last year's route in your spare time. The full 140km Velothon route is quite an undertaking, especially when you take the formidable Tumble into account. We do believe that not holding a shorter route this... Continue Reading →

Pre-Register for the 2016 Velothon Wales

Good news! 22nd May 2016 is the date set for the Velothon and pre-registration is underway. If you are interested in being one of the many thousands of cyclists who will #TakeTheProRoad at Velothon Wales on Sunday 22nd May 2016, please fill out the form Source: Pre-Register for 2016 — Velothon Wales A couple of things... Continue Reading →

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