Something to watch: Why we cycle…

Ever on the lookout for cycling documentaries, Why We Cycle is one of the best I’ve seen in quiet a while. It delves into why and how the Dutch have thoroughly embraced cycling. It also talks about the lesser thought-of benefits of cycling to our communities, such as the ability to see and to communicate with the people around us through body language.

Routes: A Gwaelod Loop…

Good news everyone! In the new year we are planning to create ride videos.

Ever on the lookout for something to get ones teeth into, video production seems like a particularly meaty thing to do.

Something to watch: Bikes vs Cars

It is far too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that Cardiff's problems are unique to Cardiff.

Traffic is a global pandemic. Cities in every corner of the world are wrestling with dangerous levels of pollution; bulging waistlines and despite being more "connected" than ever, our physical bodies have never been so isolated.

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